Axia Capital is a private equity investment firm focused on delivering premium returns to its investors through the acquisition of under-appreciated technology companies with unique products, in growth markets where we have exceptional experience and contacts, and where our active involvement adds substantial value.

We target:

  • Divisions of larger companies that are no longer core to the parent’s strategy and have not received adequate resources and/or management attention.

  • Owner managed companies where there is a desire for liquidity.

  • Entrepreneurial companies where the founders seek active partners to help them grow to the next level.
Our General Partners are intimately engaged with each portfolio company. We often take on operational roles as part-time members of the management team, and a partner may spend 10% to 25% of his time helping a portfolio company grow the business. Leveraging our operational experience and our extensive network of industry contacts, we work closely and diligently with each portfolio management team to deliver:
  • A clear and focused strategy that drives all other aspects of the business
  • Management processes and measurements to ensure all resources are focused on the critical activities that support the strategy
  • Financial controls and discipline to improve cash flow
  • Business development partnerships that leverage the resources of the company
  • Key additions to the management team and Board of Directors where needed
  • Financial restructuring to provide the necessary capital and the best mix of capital for the company.
We also provide financial incentives to the management teams of our portfolio companies to align their objectives ours. In order to consistently achieve premium returns, we look to invest in management teams that are driven to achieve success for the company, for themselves, and for Axia’s investors.

Finally, with our significant M&A experience and our partnership with Axia Advisors, (see Transaction Experience) we know what it takes to get deals done, including when to start the process and how to position a company for maximum value. From our initial involvement with a portfolio company, we are focused on strategies and results that will lead to multiple exit options and generate premium returns. Our relationships with the senior management teams of many companies in our target markets, as well as with the investment banking community that serves these companies, further enhances our ability to get deals done to achieve premium returns for our investors and portfolio management teams.


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