Axia Partners operates as both a private equity investment firm through Axia Capital, and as financial advisors through Axia Advisors.

Axia Capital pursues buyouts and recapitalizations of smaller technology firms in targeted industry sectors.

Axia Advisors provides assistance in developing financial and business development strategies and supports this work through its M&A and equity financing advisory services in target markets.

Axia Partners is dedicated to increasing the equity value of our portfolio companies and clients through active participation that leverages the operational experience and in-depth market knowledge of our General Partners.

At Axia, we believe in the adage that “experience is the best teacher.” Valuable knowledge gained through hands-on, market specific experience is what sets us apart from other private equity and advisory firms. Axia’s partners have a wealth of experience in our target markets as both operating executives -- growing businesses from start-up to over $100 million in revenues -- and investment banking advisors -- assisting in transactions ranging from $10 million to over $100 million. We understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face because we have been in their shoes and have managed through similar situations with excellent results.

We recognize a gap in the small to mid-sized transaction segment of both the private and advisory markets. Many times these companies have difficulty engaging with larger investment banks and private equity firms. Even those that do engage with a larger firm are unlikely to receive the focus and attention they need and deserve. In addition, we believe that many investment banks and private equity firms lack the operational experience and market focus required to truly understand the business of their clients.

Axia is unique in that we have a small team of senior partners with real-world experience. Our broad operational experience is complemented by our proven ability to execute deals from “inside the company”. We understand how corporate buyers and sellers think about transactions and what it takes to get a deal done. We are structured to ensure that each client receives the focused attention of a General Partner who has likely managed a similar business and understands the market in which the client company competes.

We are both investors and advisors because we see opportunity to generate significant value in both these roles. The common thread between the two activities is shared industry knowledge and a pragmatic approach to our work that emphasizes successful experience in growing companies and maximizing returns for shareholders.



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